Emerging trend in fuel conservation is to be energy aware.  Save whatever energy you can....wherever and whenever possible. This is applicable irrespective of whether it is an individual, a small business, a small workshop, a medium sized  manufacturing unit, a hotel, a commercial building, a large sized  industrial unit.

Servicing  this need are ESCos (Energy Service Companies) who play a pivotal role in efficient utilization of energy.

This concept originated in the US and Canada and spread to all parts of the world.

In India the ESCo market is supported by World  Bank funding.

ESCos offer a variety of contract options and the attraction here is that customers have the option of paying for the energy services from a portion of their actual energy savings bill.

ESCos guarantee the performance and assume the risk (technical, operational and financial)

ESCos provide complete package of custom designed tailor-made services.

ESCos offer complete energy project management services including energy auditing, design, turnkey installation, financing, marketing, maintenance and monitoring. 

ESCOS arrange client financing;

Clients enjoy the expertise of modern energy efficiency techniques and  technology

Guarantees performance and results;

Recovery of project cost through energy savings

Financing and repayment negotiable

Possible Tax benefits

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